What's new and coming soon to Lakeland (2024)

The below list of new businesses has been updated as of May 2024.

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Every time we look around, it seems like something new is popping up in Lakeland. Whether you’re looking for your next go-to brunch destination or a new public park to stretch your legs, we’re rounding up a few things coming soon to the Swan City area.

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Publix Super Markets Information Technology Campus, 333 E. Lemon St. | Opening TBA | A new IT campus predicted to bring more than 100 full-time jobs with average salaries of $93,000

Assure Infusions Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Facility, Century Boulevard, Bartow | Opening TBA | A 60,000-sqft IV fluid production facility that will create 100+ local jobs

Publix Super Market at Lake Miriam Square, 4730 S. Florida Ave. | Opening summer 2025 | Full store remodel including a 4,200-sqft increase, mezzanine seating, and new liquor store + pharmacy

Michaels, 2625 S. Florida Ave. | Opening Friday, July 5 | Lakeland’s second location for this arts and crafts supplier

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Orlando Health Lakeland Highlands Hospital, Polk Parkway and Lakeland Highlands Road | Opening summer 2026 | In-patient, ICU/progressive care, emergency department, birthing program, and more

Lakeland Regional Health freestanding emergency department, 6150 S. Florida Ave. | Opening early 2025 | Construction is ongoing for a freestanding emergency department in south Lakeland.

Hope House, 555 E. Stanford St. | Opening TBA | A nonprofit facility equipped to house eight new mothers at a time, located in the historic home where the 1990s movie “My Girl” was filmed

Veterans Administration (VA) clinic, 2080 Meadowland Park Blvd. | Opening summer 2024 | VA care including home-based primary care, mental health services, audiology, and more

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The Joinery expansion, 678 E. Main St. | Opening TBA | The food hall’s first expansion, which could include a full-service restaurant, additional quick-service dining options, and event space

Hakucho, 207 E. Main St. | Opening 2024 | Japanese-inspired small plates

Dong Tea Lakeland, 5301 S. Florida Ave. | Opening June 1, 2024 | Bubble tea + snacks like mochi donuts.

Bandidas, 1755 E. Edgewood Dr. | Opening June 2024 | Baked goods, breakfast, lunch, and grab + go options

Peach House, 733 E. Palmetto St. | Opening 2024 | Nomadic food inspired by flavors from the Mediterranean, New Orleans, and Florida

The Depot 303, 303 NW 1st Ave., Mulberry | Opening 2024 | A 14,000-sqft food hall with seven vendors and a bar in downtown Mulberry

Bowen Yard, 308 4th St. SW., Winter Haven | Opening 2024 | Winter Haven’s first food hall with a full-service restaurant and indoor/outdoor space

Bright Ice Scoop Shop + unnamed wine bar, 1212 S. Florida Ave. | Opening TBA | Ice cream shop and bar that could split and lease space in the former space of Petals The Flower Shoppe

Check out more dining options coming soon.

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Florida Polytechnic University’s Citrus Innovation Center, 4700 Research Way | Opening early 2025 | A 28,000-sqft research facility for citrus research in partnership with International Flavors and Fragrances Inc.

Florida Southern College Adams Athletic Performance Center, 111 Lake Hollingsworth Dr. | Opening 2024 | A 16,000-sqft development for Florida Southern College’s Division II athletes featuring conference rooms, weight rooms, locker rooms, and a film review room

Florida Southern College golf clubhouse, 800 Lone Palm Dr. | Opening fall 2024 | A facility for FSC golf team members to lounge, train, and recover at Lone Palm Golf Club

Florida Southern College School of Architecture, 1049 Frank Lloyd Wright Way | Opening fall 2025 | Building renovation with new design studios, fabrication labs, and a research center

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Kid Cafe, 2947 S. Florida Ave. | Opening June 28, 2024 | A tactile indoor playspace for kids ages 0-8 offering soft play equipment, vending machines, and a cafe

On Dog Time, 145 N. Lake Ave. | Opening 2024 | An enclosed park for large and small dogs across the street from Lakeland Fire Station 1

Lakeland History and Cultural Center exhibit, 100 Lake Morton Dr. | Opening September 2024 | An exhibit about Lakeland’s history with the citrus industry

Polk Museum of Art expansion, 800 E. Palmetto St. | Opening fall 2024 | A $6 million expansion including new gallery and classroom space, plus renovations to the existing museum space

Bob Adams Family Community YMCA, 3620 Cleveland Heights Blvd. | Opening 2027 | New facilities featuring exercise equipment, indoor turf fields, an elevated track, updated children’s spaces, and more

Three Parks Trail extension, Westover Street and Cleveland Heights Boulevard | Opening late 2024 | Over half a mile of additional multi-use trails to connect Peterson Park, Woodlake Park, and Publix Charities Park

Southwest Lakeland Park, Southwest Lakeland | Opening 2030 | A 100+ acre park featuring a library, dog parks, multipurpose fields, pickleball courts, and more

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Downtown West multi-family housing, 300 W. Lime St. | Opening TBA | A mixed-use complex featuring 500 multi-family apartments, a parking garage, and retail + commercial space

Prospect Lake Wire, 380 Wire Dr. | Opening summer 2024 | Mixed-use development with retail space and 630+ apartments

Valencia at the Park, 301 S. Lake Ave. | Opening 2024 | One- and two-bedroom apartments within walking distance of downtown points of interest

Medulla Road development, southwest Lakeland | Opening TBA | A 29-home subdivision on 35 acres of southwest Lakeland

Oak Street development, Oak Street lot between North Kentucky Avenue and North Tennessee Avenue | Opening TBA | A seven-story building housing ~200 apartments, 1,600 sqft of retail space, and a three-story parking garage

✅ Now open

If there’s one thing we love even more than looking ahead to the future, it’s enjoying the present at one of Lakeland’s newest spots. Check out this list of Swan City’s recently opened establishments.


Lakeland Regional Health Kathleen Campus, 2400 Kathleen Rd. | State-of-the-art location offering access to primary, urgent, and specialty care, plus space for Graduate Medical Education Family Medicine residents

Southwest Middle School, 2815 Eden Pkwy. | Expansion with a new two-story building including classrooms, labs, offices, a fine arts suite, and outdoor cafeteria seating

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Welcome Canary, 1030 Browning Rd. | Apartment complex focused on residents’ holistic wellness

Parker Pointe, 900 E. Bella Vista St. | Affordable housing complex with one- and two-bedroom units

Swan Lake Village, 2762 Swan Village Blvd. | New construction, garden-style affordable housing

Swan Landing, 2030 Swan Landing Dr. | Affordable housing complex with clubhouse, swimming pool, and playground

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Amonie Jo’s Coffee Co., 401 S. Florida Ave. | Opening spring 2024 | Organic coffee bar and fresh food cafe open for breakfast and lunch

Morning Grind, 111 Lake Hollingsworth Dr. | Coffee cart run by Florida Southern College’s Barney Barnett School of Business and Free Enterprise students

Peach Cobbler Factory, 5261 US Hwy. 98 S., Ste. 8C | Dessert shop offering cobbler, banana pudding, cinnamon rolls, and more sweets

Pour Bear Coffee, 4608 Cleveland Heights Blvd. | A cozy coffee shop serving classic coffee and espresso drinks

Sabrina’s Delicacies, 4610 Cleveland Heights Blvd. | Grab-and-go charcuterie boxes, small plates, and dine-in seating

Check out more new dining options.

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MidFlorida Credit Union eSports Center, 1725 Martin Luther King Jr. Ave. | Public center for local youth with 20 stations for gaming and STEM studies

Kelly Recreation Complex e-library, 404 Imperial Blvd. | Library materials, a seating area, and arts + crafts room

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Tennessee Jane Boutique, 117 S. Kentucky Ave. | Women’s boutique offering clothing, accessories, and a make-your-own hat bar

Inklings Book Shoppe, 243 N. Florida Ave. | This new and used bookstore’s new location in downtown Lakeland

The Melting Spot, 4289 S. Florida Ave. | Personalized candle workshop space that also allows you to bring in your own beverages

What's new and coming soon to Lakeland (2024)


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