45+ Outer Space Crafts for Kids that are Out of This World (2024)

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28 Sep

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I have explored the internet, far and wide, and collected these 45+ out-of-this-world outer space crafts for kids! Moon crafts, planet crafts, rocket ship crafts, star crafts, and so much more!

Keep reading to see how you can create rocket ships and learn about the moon, planets, stars, and more with your little ones.

It’s like having your own UNIVERSity at home!

All while having a blast!

Check out these 45+ Space Crafts for Kids!

Most of these space crafts require basic household supplies, meaning you won’t have to travel far.

Let the space adventure begin!

Below, you’ll find a few sections of space crafts we’ve collect, you can click on any of these links to go directly to those sections.

  • Rocket Ship Crafts
  • Moon Crafts
  • Planet Crafts
  • Star Crafts
  • More Outer Space Crafts

Rocket Ship Crafts for Kids that are Out of This World!

You don’t need to be a rocket scientist to try these simple rocket ship crafts. Three, two, one, blast off to rocket ship fun!

  • Experiment with our balloon rocket ship! Real rockets can go over 17,500 mph. How far and fast will your balloon rocket go?
  • Design a cardboard roll space rocket ship craft as seen on Our Kid Things. Decorate with paper, paint, or stickers.
  • Create a rocket ship as shown on The Kindergarten Connection. Add tissue paper flames and clothespins. Put small items inside and take imaginary trips into outer space!
  • Practice writing names with this name spaceship found on The Inspired Home. This is a great way to practice shapes. Rectangles, squares, and triangle. Add star stickers in the sky.
  • Expand on the shapes lesson with a shape rocket ship from Stay at Home Educator. Sneak in cutting practice and a Geometry lesson! Open-ended questions are provided to encourage critical thinking. A free printable template is available, or create your own shapes.
  • Make a foil rocket ship as shown on Books and Giggles. Your kids can make a beautiful background with glitter and black paint for this space craft to shine on!
  • Paint a puffy paint rocket shown on Toddler Approved. The puffy paint (from Happy Hooligans) is made of salt, flour, food coloring, and water. Watch it puff up in the microwave!
  • Raise your hand if you want to try a handprint rocket ship like The Inspiration Edit. All you need is some paint, and paper or canvas.
  • Stamp a foot to create a footprint rocket from The Best Ideas for Kids. Add star stickers, pom poms, and paper! That’s one small step for cuteness, and one giant leap for creativity!

Moon Crafts for Kids that are Mesmerizing!

Move over, Monday. Moon-day has arrived, and so have these moon crafts! I’m over the moon to share these nine moon crafts and activities with you.

  • Taste your way through the moon phases with the Oreo phases of the moon shown on Science Bob. How many cookies until you are full?
  • Use paper plates to make a glow-in-the-dark puffy paint moon as seen on No Time for Flashcards. The paint is made with glow-in-the-dark glue and shaving cream.
  • Create a textured moon found on I Heart Crafty Things. Pair this with looking at pictures of the moon’s texture.
  • Paint a foil printed moon like the one on A Dab of Glue Will Do. A little handle on the foil stamp is perfect for little hands.
  • Roll out the aluminum foil for this tin foil moon shown on Mombrite. A paper plate as a template and coins make great craters.
  • Decorate a moon button collage as seen on Adventure in a Box. This kids space craft is gorgeous enough to frame! A free template in exchange for an email address is available with the directions. Or print a free moon template, add glue, and decorate with buttons.
  • Experiment with an erupting moon rock found on Learn Play Imagine. Moon dough and vinegar make a fun reaction!
  • Crack open some letter moon rocks as shown on Stir the Wonder. Flour, water, paint, and cotton balls.
  • Practice letters in a moon dust writing tray seen on Stir the Wonder. This moon dust is actually colored salt!

Add a little sensory play after one of these space crafts with this awesome cloud dough for kids!

Planet Crafts for Kids that Love Space!

Make some space at the table for your kids to enjoy some planet crafts. These are great for teaching kids the order of the planets. Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, and Neptune. Sorry, Pluto!

  • Create coffee filter planets from Fun A Day. They include suggested colors for each of the planets.
  • Use a golf ball for a painted planet as seen on Loving Life with Littles. The result is always a surprise with this technique!
  • Try a marbled planet found on I Heart Crafty Things. Shaving cream and paint make the unique designs on these planets.
  • Paint watercolor planets like on Rainy Day Mum. Note: you can substitute with white card-stock and black construction paper.
  • Stamp, brush, layer, and splatter painted planets as described on Super Simple. So many techniques for kids to try in this space craft!
  • Decorate a stained plastic plate suncatcher found on Adventure in a Box.
  • Practice fine motor skills with torn paper planets from 3 Dinosaurs. Construction, scrapbook, or even tissue paper work great!
  • String a yarn wrapped planet found on And Next Comes L. Another great way to practice fine motor skills.
  • Learn about the planets with a paper mache solar system like on Red Ted Art. Fill balloons with small items before sealing to make a pinata!
  • Explore foam planets from It Happens in a Blink. Pipe cleaners are a great addition for rings.
  • Kids can craft another DIY space model from My Home Based Life. A foam cup, skewers, and plates make this model three-dimensional.
  • Paint a fingerprint solar system like Darcy and Brian. A list of suggested colors is included with the directions. Great way to remember the order of the planets.

Check out this extensive list of Earth Day crafts for more space craft fun for kids!

Brilliant Star Crafts for Kids to Shine Bright!

Twinkle, twinkle little star, oh, how many crafts there are! Be a star in the eyes of your child by trying one or more of these star crafts.

  • Watch shooting stars in a jar! A great way to introduce information about shooting stars and the concept of density!
  • Play with a star sensory bag like Playground Park Bench. Perfect for all ages! Toddlers love the squishy sensation. And big kids will have fun creating constellations.
  • Bead a pipe cleaner star. All you need are some pipe cleaners and beads with large openings. So simple!
  • Glue together a craft stick star from Powerful Mothering. These would be adorable hung from the ceiling.
  • Create a star suncatcher shown on Teaching 2 and 3 Year Olds. This craft is a great way to introduce the space fact to your kids that the sun is actually a star!
  • Paint a thumbprint star found on A Dab of Glue Will Do. This reminds me of all of the tape resist crafts we have tried in the past. I love peeling back the tape to see the end result!
  • Draw a pastel shooting star as seen on Projects with Kids. Chalk pastels on black paper make dazzling stars. So pretty!
  • Twirl around the house with a paper plate star twirler shown on Red Ted Art. Or is it a whirligig? You decide. A paper plate is the main component of this fun craft.
  • Practice letters with letter constellations found on No Time for Flashcards. Perfect for learning about constellations while recognizing letters. Everyone gets a constellation prize! And what kid doesn’t love stickers?
  • Decorate a handprint sun as seen on Darcy and Brian. Paper handprints create rays around a paper plate for this craft.
  • Get creative with a recycled collage sun found on DIY Thought. First, go on a scavenger hunt for all things yellow. Like magazine scraps, flowers, leaves, and more. Then, glue these yellow pieces on to a piece of paper to create a sun.
  • Sew a paper plate sewn sun as seen on I Heart Crafty Things. The yellow and orange pony beads make this sun stand out. Great for fine motor skills!

If your kids love space rockets they’ll love to make some of these Soaring Airplane Crafts too!

More Outer Space Crafts for Kids

A space theme can’t be complete without astronauts and telescopes. Check out these last six out-of-this-world space crafts for kids to try at home today.

  • Decorate a space themed wreath found on 3 Dinosaurs. Space themed stickers would make this craft super easy.
  • Play with galaxy dough as seen on Growing a Jeweled Rose. No cooking is required. And it can be played with over and over again if stored in an airtight container!
  • Look at the sky with a DIY telescope shown on Hands On As We Grow. This is a great way to upcycle a plastic bottle.
  • Explore with a DIY astronaut glove box as seen on Gift of Curiosity. A great way to teach little astronauts about glove boxes. And would be great to pair with a sampling of astronaut food!
  • Create an astronaut photo craft shown on Toddler Approved. Kids can hold the space craft to their face and act like an astronaut. Or put a picture of their face behind the plate to display in the house.
  • Practice letters with this A is for astronaut craft from Glued to my Crafts. Popsicle sticks and glue make Awesome, Adventurous Astronauts!

Let Earth’s gravitational pull take you right into this super fun and simple gravity balancing sidekick experiment that will leave you guessing!

Go ahead and venture to outer space with any of these super simple and fun craft ideas for kids!

Will your child choose a rocket ship, star, planet or one of the moon crafts to do first?

You may also be interested in exploring NASA at Home virtual tours and Palomar Observatory virtual tours.


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Brigitte Brulz is a homeschooling mom of two daughters, wife of her high school sweetheart, and author of Jobs of a Preschooler and Pickles, Pickles, I Like Pickles. She offers free coloring pages and activity ideas on her website at BrigitteBrulz.com.

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45+ Outer Space Crafts for Kids that are Out of This World (2024)


How to do space crafts? ›

Rocket Ship Craft for Kids

Comet craft: First, have kids use black construction paper with crayons and draw planets and stars. Cut styrofoam balls in half, cover in foil and glue to paper. Use glitter glue pens (or glue with sprinkled glitter) for the tail of comet. Super easy and kids loved it!

What is in outer space for kids? ›

With no air to scatter sunlight and produce a blue sky, space appears as a black blanket dotted with stars. Space is usually regarded as being completely empty. But this is not true. The vast gaps between the stars and planets are filled with huge amounts of thinly spread gas and dust.

How to make a space theme? ›

DIY Space-Themed Activities for Kids
  1. Design a Solar System Model. ...
  2. Demonstrate the Moon's Craters. ...
  3. Snack on the Moon and Stars. ...
  4. Build Your Own Bottle Rocket (BYOBR) ...
  5. Craft a Solar Eclipse With Coffee Filters.
Apr 11, 2023

How to teach a 5 year old about space? ›

One of the easiest ways to teach your preschooler about outer space is to start with the sun and planets. Explain that the sun is a star and it is what gives light and life to our solar system. The planets orbit around the sun. Some planets are bigger than others and some are closer to the sun than others.

Is there a baby in space? ›

Beyond future space colonies, there is also a more pressing need to understand the effects of space on the human reproductive system. No one has ever become pregnant in space—yet. But with the rise of space tourism, it's likely that it will eventually happen one day.

What are 5 facts on space Kids? ›

10 Fun Space Facts for kids...
  • The sun is a star. The Sun may look like a big, bright circle in the sky, but it's actually a giant star. ...
  • The moon changes shape. ...
  • A year on mercury is shorter than a day. ...
  • Mars has dust storms. ...
  • Saturn's beautiful rings. ...
  • Astronauts float in space. ...
  • The milky way galaxy. ...
  • Shooting stars aren't stars.
Oct 7, 2023

What is a galaxy for kids? ›

A galaxy is a huge bunch of stars clustered together in space. Our solar system—which includes the sun, Earth, and seven other planets—is part of this galaxy, called … you guessed it … the Milky Way. The Milky Way contains hundreds of billions of stars like our sun.

How do you make a star in space? ›

Stars are born when pockets of gas and dust within interstellar molecular clouds exceed critical density and collapse under their own gravity. Once the pressure and the temperature inside get high enough for nuclear fusion to ignite, it creates a star.

What activities can you do in space? ›

They can spend their leisure time in the same way that they would on Earth by reading their favorite books, listening to music, etc.. Also, since the Earth and stars that they're able to see from the Space Shuttle's windows are so beautiful, the astronauts will spend their time by enjoying the view and taking pictures.

What do kids love about space? ›

Kids are simply interested in learning about space mainly because it's an exciting topic that sparks ideas of adventure and mystery. Learning about space at an early age will further encourage children to aspire for careers in science and technology, even if they're ultimately not related to space exploration.

Is it safe for kids to go to space? ›

There are reasons no kid has ever flown to space. The chief one, of course, is the danger involved; the death of a child is always more tragic and heart-wrenching, and less acceptable, than the loss of an adult. In addition, the hazards of space radiation are more acute for youngsters than for grown-ups.

How to teach kids planets? ›

A great way to show this can be by having your child draw the different size planets from the closest to the furthest away from the sun. A sensory activity can also be incorporated into explaining the solar system, by having kids find objects around the house that can represent the size of the planets.

How to make a spaceship for a school project? ›

How to make:
  1. Carefully cut the bottle about two-thirds of the way down.
  2. Using the template (or freestyle) draw one fin on a piece of cardboard and cut it out. ...
  3. On the cardboard, trace a medium-sized circle with a smaller circle inside. ...
  4. Using the circle you just cut out trace a circle on your coloured card and cut it out.

What materials are used in space craft? ›

High strength alloys of aluminum, titanium, and stainless steel have been in common use for decades.

How do space crafts get oxygen? ›

The short answer is the astronauts and cosmonauts (that means a Russian astronaut) bring oxygen from Earth, and they make oxygen by running electricity through water (this is called electrolysis). The air and water on the Space Station all originally came from Earth.

How much do space crafts cost? ›

There is US $7.5 million for Rocket Lab's Electron smallsat launcher, US $67 million for a Falcon 9 launch (SpaceX charges about US $55 million per seat for crewed launches), US $350 million for Delta IV Heavy, and US $4.1 billion for SLS (Space Launch System).


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