Impact Whey Protein Powder (2024)

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Chicken Unit

Been shoveling this down me since the raw age of 16 and now I'm an absolute weapon. Helps for those days where your chicken gonzo after a heavy sesh (usually legs, if you do em.... which i don't) and need some boosting for the next day. Rate this product, 2 scoops a day, one before and one after your sesh, mix it with milk and your good to go. Plus, the flavors are proper mint, don't be a tightarse and save like 2 bar 50 by getting unflavored,if you do your like that family relative who sellotapes a one pound coin to the inside of your card, like cheers bro. Anyways 10/10, cop this asap to be looking like a fully loaded AK for summer. Goes Well With:Gains.

21/05/2015 by Big Pad

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A Great Product - Flavour Review

I've been buying this product for years and it is superb. Especially with the special offers that are always on, it's easily the best value for money, the flavours are amazing and the nutrition is on point too. It's by miles the cheapest and easiest way to make sure you fill your protein requirements. I've gone for 4 on mixability because, although it mixes very well, it's just a little better if you blend it or use a mixer ball. Effectiveness is certainly very good but I hesitate to give it a 5* because it obviously depends on so many other factors, like the rest of your diet and your training. For me, I've mainly tried to maintain muscle mass and recover well from workouts and it certainly helps with both of those. I've had a quite a few flavours now so hopefully I can help a little with the difficult choice of which to go for. Chocolate smooth - standard, pretty good, just a basic chocolate flavour. So much better with milk than water. Chocolate brownie - like a better, richer version of chocolate smooth. Really good. Banoffee - it's a bit odd. It's a kind of sickly banana and toffee flavour. I feel like we expect it to be good because banoffee pie is really good but actually banoffee pie is good because of biscuit and caramel and the banana/toffee flavour here doesn't really do it. Apple crumble and custard - don't go big. It's alright. It tastes of apple and a sweet, milky flavour. You wouldn't want a big bag but it's fine. Chocolate peanut butter - doesn't quite do it. Nice idea and I was excited but it's just like chocolate smooth with a bit of a funny aftertaste. Chocolate coconut - I personally don't like it but I know some people do. It's not like a Bounty - it's more like chocolate with a kind of tangy, quite artificial coconut aftertaste. I don't think it's that good, and also why not just get chocolate and add some coconut extract? Cinnamon Danish - this is one of my go to flavours right now. It's really good. It's vanilla and sweet and cinnamon-y but also there is a definite flavour of pastry or bread which actually is really good. Golden Syrup - I had a sample first and now I have a whole bag. I think this is incredible. If you like golden syrup, it's amazing. It's really sweet so I think it'd be a little sickly if you just drank loads of shakes but definitely if you do things like cooking it into pancakes etc. then it's be really good. Honestly this is a great flavour. Maple syrup - I like maple syrup but found this a bit overpowering. Maybe cooked into things again would be better. It's good and very true to maple syrup but possibly a bit strong. Lemon cheesecake - quite artificial, not very cheesecake-y but not a disaster. I'm still on the fence. Sorry if that isn't very helpful. I'll try it again! Salted caramel - really good. More sweet than salty - you could always add more salt if you're after that taste. But it has a rich flavour and it's good. Rocky road - genuinely I think this might be the most disgusting food I've ever tasted. A sort of nearly ok chocolate flavour to start and then just the most vile, sickly, sticky, artificial fruit flavour which gets into your nose and makes you want to gag. Really, truly horrible. Cookies and cream - it just tastes of vanilla. It's nice. It's kind of milky and sweet. Nothing to write home about. White chocolate - pretty much the same as cookies and cream. It's just a generic sweet, creamy, milky flavour which is quite nice but nothing crazy. Sticky toffee pudding - it tastes of toffee. It's good. If you really like toffee, get it. If you prefer the taste of chocolate or caramel or syrup or whatever, don't be excited by the fact it's named after a dessert. Just get one of the other ones. Banana - this was my first ever so my memory is a bit rusty. I think it was quite boring and possibly a bit too sickly but not terrible. I think the fruit flavours are all quite artificial. Also, just eat a banana. Have a shake you can't eat. You probably won't have all that many bars of chocolate so it's quite nice to have a chocolate shake. However, you probably will have a few bananas. That's all I've tried. Just go for samples and judge your favourites. I think chocolate brownie, golden syrup, salted caramel and cinnamon danish are the best but a lot comes down to personal taste. I hope this helps. Enjoy!Goes Well With:Although they're all great with milk and almost as good with water, I really recommend cooking with these. Protein pancakes are a must and cakes and so on are great too. Get some decent recipes and if you enjoy eating don't just drink your calories. Make something with a bit of substance!

21/12/2015 by OWC

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Has anyone actually weighted a scope?

I love this product, amazing flavours at a great price. My only concern is the measurements. I just weighed a scope and it was about 50g, double the packets instructions. For those watching their calories/macros this can be really deceiving and just shows why it is so important to weigh everything rather than rely on scopes for measurements.

29/06/2014 by vhenley

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Top Notch Protein

I got my butler, Jeeves, to purchase two bags of this delicious powder of protein, and both flavours (chocolate nut and sticky toffee pudding) were quite delightful. When one is hunting peasants, you do tend to get quite tired but this whey protein restores your muscles so you can keep chasing and flogging for much longer! Goes Well With:The tears of waifs and strays.

16/12/2015 by Charles

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Flavors, Flavors and more Flavors!!! (Detailed)

Mocha: Being on a maintenance/cut and loving coffee and its flavor, this was perfect. Has the right amount of coffee-to-chocolate ratio although they both could be a bit richer in taste, simply due to my sweet tooth and preference. Has a biscuit type flavor to it that was unexpected but its so good! I have it with water in the morning and fulfills that coffee taste i search for! 10/10 Strawberry Cream: PERFECT! I extremely enjoyed this on a cut, the most consistent flavor i have ever had in terms of easiness to drink and not becoming sick of the taste. Definitely the most reliable if you are looking to start off with this product! Mixed with water was probably better than mixing with milk and made it taste like a milkshake! Haven't had it in a while and probably sits in the number 1 spot simply due to how reliable and enjoyable this flavor is! 10/10 I may add that there is a consistent mixability throughout all flavors at a very high standard and actually texture of protein, never experienced a problems with lumps with this brand and protein content is great! Would advise weighing scoops when watching macros as the protein can become quite compact quickly! Seen major gains when cutting and when bulking! An all round very reliable and recommendable protein product that can be used all year round with a clear goal, diet and exercise! 10/10 would recommend to anyone unsure of a reliable protein supplement!Goes Well With:Milk, Water, Almond milk. Mixes well with oats, fruit, peanut butters and cinnnamon!!

27/03/2015 by Dyl

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Unflavoured with skimmed milk & creatine - yes please!

I used to buy the chocolate flavour religiously until one day I decided to save some money and step my nutrition up a notch. I expected a peg on the nose moment when I first drank it but was very pleasantly surprised. Unflavoured (with skimmed milk for me) isn't a compromise as it tastes just fine. I tend to use a hand blender but the shaker will mix it; hence why I gave 5 stars. Also, I like the fact it only requires minimal liquid - it's a quick and easy way to achieve results. Save yourself some money and avoid the reduced protein content supplied through the flavoured options; ranging from 3% to 8% decrease in protein.

21/10/2014 by Hag

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Working my way through the flavours!

I'm slowly working my way through the flavours, I use it once a day through out my pregnancy, but back to two shakes a day when I start training hard again post pregnancy. I have had no problems with it at all, it gives me a real lift and helps me hit my protein goals. I've tested -Vanilla and Raspberry - 6/10 on my preference. -Chocolate Smooth - 10/10 !! -Mocha - 9/10, loosing a point for not having enough coffee flavour -Vanilla - 10/10 spot on, can't go wrong - Strawberry - 8/10 not bad, but could be a bit stronger taster Those are based on my preference. But, aside taste, they mix well and don't have a chalky effect.

23/10/2014 by Lou

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Where do I begin? This 2.5kg bag of gains transformed my life from being a rake weighing in at a measly 66kg to over 75kg within 3 months of pumping iron. Malia 2k15 had never seen such big biceps in their history, seriously this stuff puts on muscle, especially when you're having 6 a day (like I do lol) would highly recommend for any weedy lads with toothpick arms to get involved with this... Drink it, snort it, inject it! I don't care, just get it in you.Goes Well With:Gains and girls

31/01/2016 by Meathead Matt

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The best there is!!!!

Excelent value for your money , whey is good and very testing and fine with a lot of flavours.If you are able you must try this at all cost.

30/10/2014 by Bada

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Myprotein is well known all over the world for providing best quality supplements at best prices. This product is just perfect. Perfect mixability, fine consistency and great bioavailability. I have never had anything better than this. I like it's salted caramel and mocha flavors. All of them have a rich texture and taste. While signing Up, use this π™π™€π™π™€π™π™π˜Όπ™‡ π˜Ύπ™Šπ˜Ώπ™€ <π™ˆπ™Šπ™‘π™€ - 𝙍15> for upto 60 % off

17/04/2024 by **π™‘π™€π™π™„π™π™„π™€π˜Ώ π˜Ώπ™„π™Žπ˜Ύπ™Šπ™π™‰π™π™Ž !**

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Impact Whey Protein Powder (2024)


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