Crispy Sesame Garlic Chili Oil Noodles. (2024)

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Sharing an easy, weeknight, takeout-at-home-style dinner, Crispy Sesame Garlic Chili Oil Noodles. Homemade spicy chili oil with crispy garlic, shallots, and sesame seeds all tossed with quick-cooking rice noodles and fresh herbs. These noodles are saucy, just a little spicy, and the recipe comes together in no time at all (about 25-minutes). Perfect for busy weeknights when you’re looking for something with a little more flavor, but still quick, and delicious.

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Would you believe me if I told you I’ve been working on these noodles for over a month? It’s the simplest recipe, that in theory I would have thought to be really easy to create. However, these took me some time! Fortunately, in the end, they were worth it. These noodles are easy and soo delicious, and oddly, they’re also gluten-free…oh, and vegan too! So this is a dish fit for just about everyone.

I’ve really wanted to make a saucy chili noodle dish for the longest time. I just never had the right size rice noodle and I let that hold me back. I was hoping to use a wider noodle. But living where we live in the mountains, I just couldn’t find what I wanted. Finally, I gave in and decided to just move forward with the noodles I have access too.

So these noodles are smaller than what’s traditionally used, but honestly? They ended up working perfectly! The thing that took me the longest to perfect was the chili oil. Well that and the photos.

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I really wanted the oil to be flavorful and not just spicy. At first, I made the noodles way too hot (just ask my family!). Then, I wasn’t sure what was missing flavor-wise, but once I added a few spices and herbs, I finally found the right mix.

The photos took some time too, but finally, finally, I am excited to share!

We love these noodles and they’re really great for busy nights. Creighton kind of inspired them, but I left the meat out, because we think they’re better meatless…more fresh and flavorful.

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The process is simple

I always start first with the chili oil, which if needed, you could easily make in advance, then just add the noodles before dinner.

Simmer everything together in sesame oil until the oil is super fragrant and the garlic and shallots start to get golden and crispy. The crispiness is key, but watch closely you don’t want the garlic to go from golden and crispy to just burnt.

Add the sesame seeds and ginger at the end. Then plenty of chili flakes and some spices. Well, at least that’s what I do. Add them to your liking, being sure to make the heat level one that’s good for you and your family!

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For the noodles, you can really use any noodle you have, but I do like the thinner rice noodles. They hold up really well to the chili oil.

I boil the noodles with a couple of bell peppers, because I love sneaking in some veggies. Broccoli would be really great here too!

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Toss the noodles with the oil, you can use it all (I usually do) or to your taste. Again, adjust to your family’s needs! Finish with herbs and we’re done! Loving these quick weeknight dinners during this busy time before the new cookbook launches!

The final verdict? The family loved these. Creighton added ground beef…but that’s to be expected. And I finally got the spiciness right.


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Lastly, if you make these, be sure to leave a comment and/or give this recipe a rating! Above all, I love to hear from you guys and always do my best to respond to each and every comment. And of course, if you do make this recipe, don’t forget to tag me on Instagram! Looking through the photos of recipes you all have made is my favorite!

Author: Tieghan Gerard

Prep Time 15 minutes minutes

Cook Time 10 minutes minutes

Total Time 25 minutes minutes

Servings: 6

Calories Per Serving: 428 kcal

Nutritional information is only an estimate. The accuracy of the nutritional information for any recipe on this site is not guaranteed.



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  • 1. In a medium skillet, combine the sesame oil, garlic, shallots, and bay leaf. Cook over medium heat until the garlic turns golden and is crisping, about 5-8 minutes. Stir in the sesame seeds and ginger, cook 1 minute.

    2. Pour the oil into a large bowl. Add the chili flakes, paprika, cayenne, and season with salt. I use all of the oil for the noodles, but if desired, reserve half of the oil for serving.

    3. Cook the noodles according to package directions. During the last 3 minutes, add the bell peppers to the water. Save 1/4 cup water, then drain. Toss the hot noodles, tamari/soy sauce, and all of the herbs with the chili oil, add water to thin to reach desired consistency.

    4. Serve the noodles with additional chili oil and green onions.

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Crispy Sesame Garlic Chili Oil Noodles. (7)
Crispy Sesame Garlic Chili Oil Noodles. (2024)


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