19 Teacher-Tested 100 Days of School Ideas to Celebrate the Big Day in Your Classroom (2024)

Celebrating 100 days of school has turned into a big event in classrooms across the world! And… why not? Marking 100 days in the classroom provides a great way for primary teachers to celebrate a variety of mathematical concepts using the number 100 and to add a bit more fun to that last week of term 2 or first week of term 3.

Looking for some new 100 days of school ideas for 2024? Or maybe you call it 100 days of kindergarten or 100 days of prep?

We can’t tell youthe exact date of the 100th day of school — it usually alls — but we can some creative ideas from the teacher team behind all the resources on Teach Starter!

100 Days of School Ideas for Teachers

We know you have got a lot on during the school year between Easter hat parades, Book Week, National Simultaneous Storytime and a list that goes on and on.Phewwwwwww …

Needless to say, we understand why you might be feeling frazzled and out of ideas to celebrate being in school for 20 weeks (aka 100 whole days). That’s why we’ve put together a few favourites to inspire you and take care of the ideating for you.

As an added bonus, just click on the little blue links on any of the ideas below to grab some printables to save you time on lesson planning!

Write 100 Reasons Why

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Photo courtesy of first-grade California teacher Jessica Preece

Did you know 100 Days of School got started in America? We thought we’d take a look at what some American teachers do to mark this big day. For example,California teacher Jessica Preece had her first-graders write 100 reasons why they love first grade and posted them on little heart stickies.

You can try this idea with your students (of any year!) to make a whiteboard display or bulletin board.

Create a 100 Things We Love About … Anchor Chart

Reinforce the concept of community and loving to learn with a simple 100 Days of School anchor chart activity. Challenge your students to think of all of the things they love about being in your class, and write them down one at a time until you’ve created a list of 100 things they love about kindy, prep or whatever year level you’re teaching this school year!

Harness That Snack Attack

Download these printable 100 Days of School Snack Ten Frames, and have your students practise counting by 2’s or 5’s with some tasty treats like popcorn.

If you use loop-type cereal for their snack-themed counting activity, students can count out 100 pieces, then loop them all on a string to create their own special 100 Days of School necklace!

Create a 100th Day of School Photo Op

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Photo courtesy of California TK teacher Maggie Alfaro

Here’s another fun idea from the US — California TK teacher Maggie Alfaro fully committed to the 100th Day of School theme with her outfit and decor! She designed a cute balloon doorway display that doubles as a perfect backdrop for some 100 Days of School snapshots. Take a photo with each of your students to create a cute bulletin board display, or send them home with your students so each parent or carer has a cute keepsake of their little learner!

Create a 100th Day Snap Cube Challenge

Snap cubes are a hands-down favourite maths manipulative on the Teach Starter team. There are heaps of uses, from teaching kids to measure length to teaching one-to-one correspondence,making 10 and plenty more. So why not pull out these manipulatives for a 100 Days Snap Cube challenge?

Provide students with 100 cubes, and challenge your class to see what they can build.

Create a 100th Day of School Costume

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Photo courtesy of first-grade Michigan teacher Kallie Johnson

Miss Frizzle was famous for her whimsical school outfits, and American first-grade teacher Kallie Johnson gave the same vibes with her adorable Pop-It costume! Made with cardboard, paint and small plastic balls, the costume is easy to make with items you might have in your classroom already!

Make a 100-Theme Photo Display

Need an incredibly quick and easy 100 Days of School Bulletin Board idea? This one is a snap … literally. Snap a photo of each of your students wearing their own pair of100 Days of School glassesand a matching 100 Days Smarter Hat (they’re all printable!), and stick their photo underneath one of these 100 Days of School display banners. Easy. Peasy. Lemon. Squeezy.

Take 100 Steps Around the Classroom

Need a mid-morning or mid-afternoon brain break? If it’s the 100th Day of School, that definitely means taking 100 steps around the classroom, and seeing where each child ends up, doesn’t it?

Before you take a break to move around the classroom, we suggest having your studentsmake predictions about how far from their desk or chair they might get with 100 steps!

Make It a Dress-Up Day

We know this is not a fresh idea, but would a list of 100 Days of School ideas really be complete without the suggestion to dress up like a 100-year-old person? The concept is just plain fun, but you can build on it with discussions that build empathy for the older members of your community or by assigning students to research someone from history who is or would be 100 years old today.

You could ask your students to come into school wearing their finest older people outfits and maybe even dress up like you’re a centenarian yourself.

Do you have an administrator who is always up for some fun? Ask themif they’ll dress up like a geriatric person and drop into the classroom for a visit that will leave your kiddos giggling all day long.

Skip Count to 100 on a 100s Chart

Honour the origins of the 100 Days of School with a skip-counting activity on a hundreds chart! We had a little too much fun making 100 balls of playdough for our playdough-themed 100s chart, but you canalso have your students count out 100 pieces of candy on a 100s chart.

Celebrate Being 100 Days Smarter With an Entrance Banner

19 Teacher-Tested 100 Days of School Ideas to Celebrate the Big Day in Your Classroom (5)

Photo courtesy of New Mexico teacher Nathan Espinoza

American teacher Nathan Espinoza got into the spirit of 100 Days of School with a colourful classroom doorway display, complete with streamers! ‘We are 100 times smarter and more beautiful.’ Giving your students a simple reminder that they have come a long way since the first day of school can make a positive difference for the rest of the school year.

Hand Out 100th Day of School Certificates or Badges

Providing your students with a 100 days of school certificatecan offer each child a sense of accomplishment, and it gives them a ‘prize’ to take home to show off to a parent or carer.

Alternatively, you can provide a100th day of school badge to each of your students. Use a safety pin or, better yet, copy these templates on sticker paper so that no safety pins are needed! Stick one to each child’s shirt.

Create 100-Themed Memory Books

The date marking 100 days into the school year falls just past the midway point, and it’s a good time to look back as well, giving your students a chance to reflect on all that they have learned and how much they have grown.

19 Teacher-Tested 100 Days of School Ideas to Celebrate the Big Day in Your Classroom (6)

Challenge your students to write out 100 memories they have made during the school year so far. They can include moments with friends, funny things that have happened in the classroom or specific things they have learned since school began in January or February!

Track Your Way to 100 Days

When you’re nearing the 100th Day of School on the calendar, a quick activity that will take almost no time out of the school day is tracking the number of days that have passed and calculating how many days are left until you hit 100.

You candownload our printable 100 Days of School Tracker poster and include it in your morning routine, or use paddle pop sticks to keep track of the days and teach students about bundling the sticks together once they get to 10. This is a fantastic way to introduce the concept of place value to your students.

Read 100 Days of School Books

Do you need a few 100 Days of School book ideas for your read-aloud? There are a few that we like to pull out again and again and again, including a few picture books that are specifically about the holiday plus a few that focus on the number 100 instead.

19 Teacher-Tested 100 Days of School Ideas to Celebrate the Big Day in Your Classroom (7)

  1. Emily’s First 100 Days of School by Rosemary Wells
  2. Miss Bindergarten Celebrates the 100th Day of Kindergarten by Joseph Slate
  3. 100 Snowmen by Jen Arena
  4. 100 Things That Make Me Happy by Amy Schwartz
  5. 100th Day Worries by Margery Cuyler

Create a “100 Of” Anchor Chart

We mentioned the 100 things we love anchor chart already, but this is a simpler idea that works well with the younger primary students. What would your students want 100 of? Cats? Footballs?

Create an anchor chart with your students listing all the things they’d like to have in bulk! Alternatively, you can create an anchor chart with your class showing off 100 words they now know how to spell!

Fill Out a 100 Days of School Mini Activity Booklet

The printable100 Days of School Mini Activity Book template makes a fun booklet of activities for students to complete on their 100th day of school.

Activities in the booklet include:

  • Students finding the number 100 in a group of numbers.
  • Students creating their very own wacky creature.
  • Students completing 100 different workouts.
  • Students completing the sentence: “If I had 100 legs I would…”
  • Students coloring 100 gumballs.
  • Students drawing a picture of what they would look like at 100 years of age.

Write About 100 Days of School

Incorporate the 100th Day of School into a writing activity — offering a prompt to show off how much students have progressed in their first 100 days of school.

With the 100 Days writing template, students complete the sentence ‘I’m 100 days brighter because…’ They can then decorate the child’s head and hands and attach them to the writing template to be displayed in the classroom.

Wait for the 101st Day

Do you really want to make a splash this school year? While the other primary schools are celebrating 100 Days of School, you could always wait one extra day and celebrate 101 days … with a send-up to the kids’ book (and movie) 101 Dalmatians!

Begin reading Dodie Smith’s classic chapter book to your class, and celebrate by asking students to dress in black and white for the day, creating cute puppy dog string puppetsand more furry fun!

19 Teacher-Tested 100 Days of School Ideas to Celebrate the Big Day in Your Classroom (2024)


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